Ukrainian Skala Language Shim


We support the chosen direction of future skala development, as specified in this announce, and propose the next step in the evolution of europian programming language: National Language Shim. Example:


einführen language.ukrainian

об'єкт  Прикладення

  визначити головне(аргументи: массив стрічок): Пусте =
     надрукувати "Привіт, світ" 



As you see, after language shim is imported, locale-specific lexicon can be used. Flexible word suffixes, which are not available in the English language, can be applied instead of the punctuation.

We plan to made Ukrainian skala language shim be generally available. Note, that in next fiscal level, all development for Ukrainian government organization will be required to use 35% of code to be writen with the use of Ukrainian language shim.

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